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Web Hosting - Explained

  • A web site is a series of pages connected by links - when a link is clicked the associated page appears.
  • Web pages are written in a language called HTML, and a web browser (such as Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer) can display these pages.
  • The pages are files which reside on a web server - a computer which can be accessed via the internet and hosts the web site containing the pages.
  • The web site is identified by its domain name - for example bristol-rapid-solutions.co.uk - this uniquely identifies this site throughout the world.
  • So, to have a web site you need to:

  • purchase a domain name from a domain name company
  • have the name held in a Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • have a web server to store the web pages
  • The DNS works out which server to go to when you ask to go to a site. It also handles email requests in a similar way - directing the emails to a mail server.

    The company that buys the domain name on your behalf will often "hold" the name for you - sometimes called "holding the tag".


    Click here for a Glossary of Web Hosting Terms