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Glossary of Web Hosting Terms
HTML HyperText Markup Language - the language that web pages are written in
Domain Name a unique name to identify a web site - eg bristol-rapid-solutions.co.uk
DNS Domain Name Server - a computer that matches the Domain Name to the web server where the web site resides
Web Server an internet accessible computer that holds the HTML pages that make up a web site
Mail Server an internet accessible computer that handles emails for Domain Names
PHP Pre Hypertext Processing - a server-side language used to make HTML pages do more complicated functions
MySQL A database format - PHP code can access the data and display it in HTML pages
POP3 e-mail POP3 e-mail accounts can be accessed by email programs on your computer - such as Outlook Express on Windows
webmail a program on a web site that can access email via a web browser - the emails remain on the server and can be viewed wherever you can use a web browser
FTP File Transfer Protocol - a format for sending to and receiving files from a web server - FTP software allows you to send (upload) new or changed files to your web site, and download files to your computer
Webalizer a program which examines the access logs for your web site, and produces statistics regarding who has visited your site, which pages they accessed, and how they found you. The statistics are updated regularly on the server (typically daily) and are accessible via a browser.